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Storytelling in the digital age: 'Social Media and The News'

At age 25, I became a college professor. Challenging at times, but one of the most rewarding experiences. Introducing "Social Media and the News," a class I pitched and created from scratch for Seattle University. Students left with an understanding of the different ways the news media uses social media, and how to successfully produce their own stories and content using TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. Most newsrooms and organizations have already jumped on digital storytelling, and some are excelling. 

'Building Your Brand'

Do you want to become well-known in your field, or draw the right kind of attention to yourself and your professional work? What do you want to be known for? I built this course for Seattle University students to make themselves – whether their an entrepreneur, musician, writer, athlete, cat-sitter or anything in between—stand out from the rest. By the end of this course, students were able to identify and strengthen their brand through social media, interviews with media, and networking. We also took a deep dive into protecting their brands and maintaining social media professionalism.  

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