Web Design and Social Media Consultation

Building a brand is fun, but it is also hard work. Congratulations on the first step! Investing in YOURSELF. Now, let's get you a pretty website, a popping social media presence, and impressive articles written about what you do.

5 tabs, photos, social media linking, and 1 interactive coded element. Will provide up two edits.



I'll give you a head start on building your Instagram & Twitter presence. What's promised: 1000 real followers, a 6-photo curated grid, and a consultation on engagement, insights, and managing your brand. 


1 written press release on you or your brand, which will be sent to a list of 15 media outlets in a designated area(s) of your choice.


  • ​Website, Social Media, and Media Outreach for $750

  • For websites with a store element, contact for pricing. 

Publishing Consultations

So, you wrote your first book. Now what? It took me 3 years to complete a 20 page children's book. With my help, you can skip the sleepless nights and finish the heavy work in a month.

We'll work one-on-one together, step by step on your work of art.

The Basics

This means...

I'll provide you with all of the tools & heavy research you need for various publishing routes. The HOW-TO'S ON:


  • Finding an editor/illustrator

  • Sending a manuscript

  • Finding a printer

  • Developing a marketing & promotional plan

  • Getting media coverage

  • Showcasing your work in stores

  • Booking gigs (signings & events)

Fine tuning your manuscript,

pin-pointing your audience, define your goals for your literature and set them.

Questions & Rates? Email me at contact@tyrahmajors.com